The Guys


It all started when…

A couple of kids were born months apart in Portland. When the guys met during the first day of Kindergarten, neither could have predicted it could have led to this. Best friends since that day, Casey and Paul have lived, breathed, cheered, argued, but mostly obsessed about sports for decades, and how they’re here to share that passion with all of you.


Paul is a die-hard Blazer fan and season-ticket holder. He reps the pinwheel through a tattoo on his left shoulder. He’ll be the first to argue that the Atlanta Braves of the 90’s were the greatest dynasty to never win multiple titles. He’ll obsess over how the Oregon Ducks were robbed of a national title by “Scam” Newton and the Auburn Tigers. He’ll tell you unequivocally that Major League is the most rewatchable sports movie of all time. He’ll probably piss you off with his hot takes. You can call him out @volcompancake on Twitter.


Casey reps the Blazers just as hard, unapologetic with his love for every player. He shows no empathy for other fantasy sports players as he bashes their teams to rubble. Somehow, he always seems to make the right move in fantasy football, and his trophy case proves his dominance. He also reps the Oakland A’s, and secretly is hoping they relocate right here in Portland. He’ll kick your ass at NHL ‘96, but can only name a handful of hockey players ever. Overall, he’s the sensible one. You can tell him how much you love him @cwmcGrath on Twitter.